What Does That Really Mean?

Now, obviously I know what it means to someone in an office when they ask me for a ‘high res’ image”, but it really is a fairly arbitrary request.  I mean, how high would you like it?  Of course, I know what is being asked for.  A sharp highly resolved image as opposed to a ghastly fuzzy one (low res).

But are these people really asking for a high resolution image?  Granted, they are asking for a high resolution file but that in no way means they will get a high resolution image.

Consider what influences would help to create a ‘low resolution’ image …

1) An poor quality (unsharp) lens.
2) An inaccurately focused lens.
3) Camera movement.
4) Subject movement.
5) A low quality image sensor (if digital).
6) A low resolution film (if film).
7) An image shot in ‘low quality’ (digital camera).
8) An image presented as a low resolution file.

… and the only one that seems of concern, is the last one!  Odd, don’t you think?

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