What Are You Looking At?

In the past, before computers took over the universe, when one presented a client with a photograph, it was a either a print or a transparency. In those circumstances, one thing was for sure, both the client and the photographer were looking at the same thing. They may even have been standing in the same room. Now there’s a novelty!

Now, that was good.

Then came an alternative. Computer monitors and emails. Now we make an image file making the same efforts (in a different way) that we did before, to get the image right. We then send that digital file to the client who views it on a monitor that is bound to be profiled in a different way to the photographer’s (i.e. wrong). So he’s looking at a different image.

Now, that is bad.

What’s worse, is that very often, the photographer makes the image in the first place on an incorrectly profiled monitor!

Now, that’s just silly.

Monitors are always wrong, straight out of the box.

Did you notice anyone profiling yours?

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