Want to Look Average?

What is average?

Well, simply put it means the same as most stuff or most people. Very loose that, but you get the idea.  It’s another word for ordinary.

But, don’t most people and companies aspire to excellence?  So why do corporate website portraits all look the same and … well, average?

Well, the answer is that the photographs are taken by photographers with a willingness to be like most other photographers and an acceptance to use the ‘off camera’ Jpegs.  It takes no effort and therefore is easy money.


The way to avoid looking like everyone else, is to make sure you look different.  It sounds obvious, but you have to make an effort to look different.  It’s easy to be ‘average’ …

The solution is to make sure that you engage a photographer who won’t make your images look like all the others … unless of course … you just want to be ordinary …

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