Still Life

Still life photography traditionally conjures up mental images of bowls of fruit.  But still life photography also encompasses an extensive range of subjects ranging from a bottle of perfume to a micro chip … and, of course a bowl of fruit.Still life photo of a D00825 Yamaha RD350 motorcycle engine with expansion chambers

Still life photography, especially in London, requires a great deal of technical skill and a creative approach to achieve captivating images.  Anthony has a wealth of experience in bespoke still life photography.  Each image is carefully crafted, producing a photograph which will do your subject justice and help increase your sales, or provide a captivating image for your walls.

Many of Anthony Witcombe’s still life photographs have been shot to create attractive interior design features for both homes and corporate offices.

Still Life Photography Requirements

Why not discuss your still life photography requirements with him on Wimbledon 020 8544 0633.  Alternatively you can  email Anthony Witcombe, one of London’s most experienced commercial photographers.  Visit the gallery page to see more of Anthony Witcombe’s still life photography.