How Much?

Back in the 1930s there was a man driving his Austin Seven Swallow late one winter’s night, in a lonely part of the Yorkshire moors.

Suddenly the car stopped and nothing the man did to try to restart the little Austin would persuade it from its reverie.  Giving up, he pulled up the collar on his trench coat and started walking.  After a while he came across a cottage with the lights still on. He knocked on the door and explained his plight.  Fortunately they had a telephone and they knew the local garage owner who agreed to collect the man from the cottage and drive him back to his car.

The mechanic looked under the bonnet and tried the starting handle.  Deathly silence.  He took out a screwdriver and turned a screw.  He tried the starting handle again and the engine burst into life.

When the garage owner asked the man for his payment, the man said, “How much?  You only turned a screw.”  The garage owner replied, “Yes, but I knew which  screw to turn.”

Recently, I was walking in a street near to my house when I met a man who lives near me who is also a portrait photographer in London.  He related a story about a client who questioned him about a quote for a photographic assignment which he thought was a little high.  He went on to say that he could get a lower quote.  The photographer said, “Ah yes, but my quote reflects 30 years experience and the job you will get.”

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