Commercial, Still Life and Portrait Photographic Gallery

The purpose of this gallery is to do no more than to allay any concerns regarding your choice of photographer by illustrating photographic competence rather than just talking about it. The styles you will observe result, in the main, from existing client requirements and therefore may or may not suit yours. This does not present any difficulty as I can either follow a brief of your choosing or undertake an assignment in my own way … your choice entirely.

The gallery is very easy to navigate, each subject area opening up another layer of thumbnail images below it. Click on each of them and the image in question then opens to a viewable size.

As can be seen from the gallery, I am happy to undertake assignments in many differing areas. These range from portraiture to architecture, including automotive, product photography and still life to name a few.

The portraits you see here include corporate images as well as private commissions. There is a trend in the corporate side to restrict the ‘look’ of the portraits to what has ‘gone before’. As, I hope, you can see, my aim is to make the images a little more interesting, but if your requirements are on the conservative side, that’s fine too.

Indications of what clients might like to think about regarding a ‘different look’ can be seen on the ‘Aero’ page in the gallery. The open loading area of the Antonov freighter, for example, did not look in real life quite as it is depicted here… but the client liked it for what it is. On a similar note, certain unusual possibilities are illustrated in the ‘motor’ section. These approaches serve to get the imagination ticking over.

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