“What Comes Next?”

Have you ever considered that music and film have something in common? When I say “film”, I’m not talking about the stuff you put in a camera, or cling film, or what happens when you spill some Castrol GTX on … Continue reading

“Am I Bothered?”

Well then, what’s the easiest way of getting your photographs made?  There are more photographers plying their trade out there than there are chicken nuggets.  So, call one of them. There’s a drawback though.  You see, there are appalling chicken … Continue reading

You Choose

When one creates something, it’s not the elements which one puts in to it, it’s what one leaves out that’s important. Well … I really only make that statement to get you thinking … because, of course one has to … Continue reading


The expression is to “take a picture” … … could this be a reference to the theft of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ from a gallery in Oslo in February of 1994?  Probably not, and of course this is a bit … Continue reading

Is It Correct to be Normal?

Here’s a good one.  Things are accepted.  They are accepted because they are in common usage or they are observed as ‘the way it is’ … … but that doesn’t make them right. Let me give you an example.  The … Continue reading

Creative or Indifferent?

When is a piece of creative work the work of a man and when does it just become faceless.  Just something that’s ‘out there’, like lots of other stuff that’s ‘out there’? The point I am making is that the … Continue reading

Want to Look Average?

What is average? Well, simply put it means the same as most stuff or most people. Very loose that, but you get the idea.  It’s another word for ordinary. But, don’t most people and companies aspire to excellence?  So why … Continue reading

The Weakest Link

Why would someone buy a car that has a top speed of 175mph, performs at it’s best between 80mph and 150mph and gives a deucedly hard ride at any speed, when he is afraid to drive at more than 60mph … Continue reading

The Photographer’s Interpretation

Here’s something interesting. Kodak has for years, indeed all the time I’ve been a photographer, offered films to the professional market and different films to the amateur market.  They now choose to call the latter the ‘consumer’ market.  The choices … Continue reading

Why Do I Like It?

It’s always been the same.  Whether the more traditional method is employed or the more recent electronic method. It’s all the goings on throughout the photographic process that result in a good or a poor outcome. So, if you look … Continue reading

How Big?

Recently, I had a client telephone me and ask me to make them an image file from a photograph of mine.  They wanted me to make the file for a road side poster.  Now, that’s fine, as far as it … Continue reading

What Does That Really Mean?

Now, obviously I know what it means to someone in an office when they ask me for a ‘high res’ image”, but it really is a fairly arbitrary request.  I mean, how high would you like it?  Of course, I … Continue reading

The Space The Subject Lives In

There are many factors which must be addressed in the making of a photograph.  One often hears photographers wincing when their work is described as a snap.  This wincing could well be judged as pompous … “what do you mean … Continue reading

What Is A Camera?

… it’s changed a bit. Well, when I say it’s changed, film cameras are still alive and well. It’s just that when most people think of cameras nowadays they are thinking digital. Right, having got that out of the way, … Continue reading

What Are You Looking At?

In the past, before computers took over the universe, when one presented a client with a photograph, it was a either a print or a transparency. In those circumstances, one thing was for sure, both the client and the photographer … Continue reading


Since people started to mess about with image files on computers (when digital came along) it went all over the shop. By golly, it’s got a lot to answer for. That wonderful idea that enables us to make images which … Continue reading

Is It As Perceived?

… that is, perceived in reality. Indeed should a photograph be a true representation of what one sees in the world? The answer to that knotty little question depends upon what the photograph is for. For example one could be … Continue reading

Are They Really Inadequate?

Well, are they? I refer to the portraits of key personnel on numerous companies’ websites. Having studied as many as I have over the years, I think one sometimes even has to question the word ‘portrait.’ Of course I am … Continue reading

How Much?

Back in the 1930s there was a man driving his Austin Seven Swallow late one winter’s night, in a lonely part of the Yorkshire moors. Suddenly the car stopped and nothing the man did to try to restart the little … Continue reading

More Is Better?

It won’t have passed you by that you can’t turn around these days without a camera company bringing out yet another model with even more pixels than the last. On the face of it, it would seem a good thing … Continue reading

“It’s OK, We Own A Digital Camera”

“It’s OK, we own a digital camera.” An interesting response to a call from us to a corporation offering professional photographic services.  Indeed this response, or one similar, is not uncommon when speaking to a large company nowadays. I say … Continue reading