“Am I Bothered?”

Well then, what’s the easiest way of getting your photographs made?  There are more photographers plying their trade out there than there are chicken nuggets.  So, call one of them.

There’s a drawback though.  You see, there are appalling chicken nuggets which have gone past their sell by date and give you food poisoning and there are life changingly  good ones which are as memorable as a chicken nugget could possibly be … but the chances of picking either of those out of the yellow pages are minimal to zero and you probably haven’t had the experience by chance either!

Well, it’s the same in photography and anything else for that matter.  There are far more ‘ordinary’ nuggets than good or bad – about 90% of them are ordinary so if you leave it to chance you’ll have a 90% chance of getting it wrong … and by definition, the majority cannot offer the best solution …

… which is OK, if you’re not bothered

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