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Specialist Portrait, Commercial and Still Life Photographer

With over thirty years experience as one of the leading commercial and portrait photographers in London, Anthony Witcombe has built a solid reputation for exceptional results time and time again. With a background as a commercial photographer in London and across the UK, Anthony has a proven track record for clients including Toyota, P&O, Edwin Coe and many more. Whether you need a commercial, portrait or still life photographer in London, ALK Photographic offers the perfect combination of technical expertise complemented by a painter’s eye, resulting in striking and engaging fine art photography for any application. Anthony is approachable and friendly and he is more than happy to develop your ideas with you.

While many people are caught up in the digital revolution, one has to remember that although the technology affords us greater versatility, many aspects of photography remain the same. Consideration for composition, lighting and perspective can make even the most mundane building or product grab the attention of the viewer and draw them into an image. As a commercial photographer in London, Anthony has undertaken photographic commissions for the automotive industry, encompassing the smallest component to the complete vehicle.

From evocative advertising to innovative marketing and promotional shots, Anthony can either match your preferred style or provide his own inspiration. In addition to his role as a trusted commercial photographer in London, Anthony’s portrait and still life photography delivers unrivalled results every time and whether they are for corporate portraiture or a more personal sitting, you are assured final prints that exceed any expectations.

We are confident that any decision regarding commissions for a portrait or commercial photographer in London will be an easy one. With a meticulous attention to detail and a need for perfection in all aspects of commercial, portrait or still life photography in London, ALK Photographic provides the highest level of technical skill, combined with the ‘eye’ required to breathe life into every image captured and will deliver simple stunning photography.. Contact ALK Photographic about your needs for a still life, portrait or commercial photographer in London and feel free to browse through the gallery.